Mark Ames, founder/owner/operator of A-1 Lock Service starting
working as a locksmith in 1974, as an apprentice to his father Earl
Ames, founder of
Ames Locksmith. After 2 years of working side by
side with his dad, all the while gaining valuable experience and
knowledge of locksmithing, Mark and his wife Sandra, established
Lock Service
in October, 1976.

At that time, Mark and Sandra had a little boy, Ryan (who is now an
automotive locksmith expert). Because of they’re new addition, they
operated as a home based business, and provided mobile service only,
specializing in automotive locksmithing.

As time went on, they had a little girl Tiffany, (who is presently an
administrative assistant for the company), and continued to be a home
based business, in order for Sandra to be at home with the children,
while running the business.

Several years later, Mark expanded the business by adding steering
column repair. Before long he became a specialist, and eventually
started a division called
A-1 Forensic Lock Service, specializing in
forensic investigations of ignitions and columns.

Through the years Mark taught his son Ryan about the business and in
1993, Ryan joined the company as an apprentice. After a very short
time, he was on his own, as a full service locksmith, specializing in
automotive locksmithing.

In 2000, a few years after Mark's father, Earl Ames, passed away,
Mark took over his father's business,
Ames Locksmith. He then moved
all the businesses to 2121 W. Sylvania Ave, opening a locksmith store,
(Ames Locksmith), operated by his sister Gwen (Ames) Baker.

Mark is now a certified forensic locksmith and a licensed investigator.
He is currently a member of: *Associated Locksmiths of America,
*Ohio Auto Theft Investigators' Association-Board Member,
*International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, *National
Society of Professional Insurance Investigators, * International
Association of Investigative Locksmiths, Inc.

As president, Mark operates the business, with wife Sandra, vice
president/general manager, son Ryan, full service locksmith/auto
expert, daughter Tiffany, manager assistant/college student, and Ryan
Perry, full service locksmith/specializing in commercial locksmithing,
who joined the company 10 years ago, and also works for Mark’s
Ames Locksmith.

Mark is dedicated to his businesses and to his family, and strives for
customer satisfaction.
2121 W. Sylvania, Toledo OH, 43613 * 419-244-7404
Fax: 419-843-4724